Straightliner Screenshot
Key Features
  • very clean and present sound
  • big and enveloping sound without any need for effects
  • 4 aliasing-free stereo oscillators
  • full stereo signal path
  • single cycle waveform import
  • thousands of waveforms available (as separate download - the CyclePack)
  • waveform manipulations in the time- and frequency-domain
  • 15 filter modes
  • flexible modulation generators (for pitch, filter and amplitude) serve as envelopes, LFOs and pattern-sequencers at the same time

Straightliner is a straight-lined and modern approach to subtractive synthesis. Instead of trying to faithfully emulate old analog synthesizers with all their physically imposed limitations, Straightliner takes full advantage of the extended possibilities that software based synthesis offers: the oscillators support loading of arbitrary (single cycle) audio files. Flexible modulation generators, which allow to define an arbitrary number of breakpoints, are available for pitch, filter-frequency and amplitude. The filter has a lot of different modes, among them the usual suspects like lowpass, highpass, bandpass and a sophisticated Moog-filter model. The whole signal path is laid out in stereo which allows for big and enveloping sounds even without any effects. The user interface of the synth focuses on visual editors instead of the commonly seen hardware oriented interfaces.

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EchoLab Screenshot
Key Features
  • easy creation of rhythmic delay patterns
  • unlimited number of delaylines
  • input- and feedback filter per delayline
  • filters may have an unlimited number of bands
  • tempo-sync for the delay times
  • ping-pong mode (switchable per delayline)

EchoLab is a plugin for creating a wide variety of delay and echo effects. It provides an arbitrary number of delaylines each of which may have feedback, may be placed independently in the stereo panorama and may be switched into 'ping-pong' mode (which means alternating panorama positions for successive echoes). Moreover, each delayline has two filters associated with it - one sitting in its input path, the other one sitting in its feedback path. These filters themselves are made up from a series connection of an arbitrary number of stages and the frequency response of each such stage can be chosen from 8 different characteristics. Given that architecture, EchoLab allows for utmost flexibility in setting up rhythmic, filtered echo-patterns which form an essential ingredient in many styles of electronic music.

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