EchoLab Screenshot
Key Features
  • easy creation of rhythmic delay patterns
  • unlimited number of delaylines
  • input- and feedback filter per delayline
  • filters may have an unlimited number of bands
  • tempo-sync for the delay times
  • ping-pong mode (switchable per delayline)

EchoLab is a plugin for creating a wide variety of delay and echo effects. It provides an arbitrary number of delaylines each of which may have feedback, may be placed independently in the stereo panorama and may be switched into 'ping-pong' mode (which means alternating panorama positions for successive echoes). Moreover, each delayline has two filters associated with it - one sitting in its input path, the other one sitting in its feedback path. These filters themselves are made up from a series connection of an arbitrary number of stages and the frequency response of each such stage can be chosen from 8 different characteristics. Given that architecture, EchoLab allows for utmost flexibility in setting up rhythmic, filtered echo-patterns which form an essential ingredient in many styles of electronic music.

Demo Clips

Now let's hear some examples of how such a beast can be used. The first example is some generic (and therefore rather uninteresting) techno/elektro alike drumloop. In this example, the drumloop was processed as a whole:

Next, i'll take an even more generic four-on-the-floor drumloop. This loop is already a little bit denser in itself, especially with regard to the bassdrum - therefore, this time everything except the bassdrum is fed through the EchoLab. Feeding such a loop through the effect makes - in my humble opinion - for some instant Schranz-patterns:

Now, there's only so much Schranz, man (or woman) can take, so let's now turn to something on the more harmonic side - some simple chords, passed through EchoLab turn instantly into pleasant, trancy patterns:


Download Demo

Download a demo version of EchoLab here: Download EchoLab (Windows/VST)

The demo version has the following restrictions:

Purchase License

To turn the demo version into a full version, you will need to purchase a license file. The price for the license is 59 Euro. To proceed to the end user license agreement and purchase a license file, click here