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There's a fine line between useful product information and outright spam. Therefore, this newsletter follows a well defined policy: it will be sent out whenever a new (free or commercial) product or update of some existing product is released. In addition, a kind of 'last call reminder' will be sent out 3 days before special offers expire (RS-MET gives introductory offers for new products). Thus, the traffic is roughly equivalent to the news section displayed on the start-page. If you check the 'Press releases only' checkbox, the traffic will be even lower - you will receive only those news that are important enough for a press-release, which are typically releases of new commercial products and major updates for them. That's it and you can at any time unsubscribe by using the above form or sending a mail to with subject "Unsubscribe". Needless to say that your email address will be treated strictly confidential, of course.